Enriching Communities - We believe we have a responsibility to inform, inspire and support neighborhoods across the U.S.
Presenting Diverse Programming & Workforce - At iHeartMedia we value diversity as a cornerstone of our business and we embrace it as a business strategy.
Serving Local Needs - iHeartMedia invests in and partners with individuals and organizations that are relevant to local communities.
Responding to Disasters - iHeartMedia plays a critical role in communities when disasters strike.
Family and Social Impact

iHeartMedia Communities™ addresses topical issues that will spur positive impact in local communities across the country.  With 840 radio stations in 150 markets and over 200,000 advertising displays in 48 of the top U.S. market areas, it is imperative that we continually support causes that impact Americans the most. 

Whether it’s the crisis of teen bullying or rebuilding in the wake of a natural disaster, recycling, homelessness, pet adoption or energy conservation iHeartMedia is continually focused on addressing some of the most current and relevant family and social issues.